November TPWG: Greig Charnock & Tom Purcell, The Limits to Capital in Spain.

Next TPWG:

November 22nd Leeds, 2pm. Venue TBC>

Greig Charnock (Manchester) & Tom Purcell (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) The Limits to Capital in Spain.

CSE Annual General Meeting London Oct 26th 2013

CSE Annual General Meeting

Saturday, 26 October 2013
Conway Hall
B Russell room
Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL
noon start.
All members or interested parties are welcome to attend and participate.

TPWG meeting October 25th York: Ben Selwyn (Sussex)

Ben Selwyn (Sussex) ‘Karl Marx, Class Struggle and Labour-Centred Development’, October 25th 2pm at York in room: D/L/006 Old Langwith Seminar 006. Email me for a copy of the paper.

Interdisciplinary Workshop on finance and inequality in Europe Leeds 1st November 2013

Interdisciplinary Workshop on FINANCE and INEQUALITY in Europe Leeds 1st November 2013, 10.00 – 18.00

 The European Union is in its deepest crisis since its inception. This is on the one hand a financial crisis, and on the other hand a real sector crisis with stagnating economies, rising inequalities and increasing divergence between the countries of the European Union. The aim of the “Finance and Inequality” project is twofold: first, to investigate the role of the financial sector in causing, propagating and exacerbating these inequalities, both within and across the countries of Europe; second, to propose policy measures that the European Union and/or its member nations might undertake to ensure that Europe’s financial system is stable, economically functional, and inclusive. This project will involve different phases.

This inaugural workshop will focus on identifying policy alternatives in light of recent institutional developments in banking, with special attention to the relevance for Europe of Brazil’s experience with public and development banking. Researchers from different disciplines and spaces will consider policy recommendations for restructuring and re-incentivizing European finance in the context of its microstructural, multi-layered, and multi-locational realities.


The workshop will include two panels and one presentation session. In the two panel sessions, panelists will be given 15 minutes each to present pertinent results from their research, and then to discuss policy implications and proposals; discussants for these sessions will have 8 minutes each. This will leave ample time for follow-up questions, exchanges of ideas, and collective discussion.


10:00-10:30: Introduction to the “Finance and Inequality” project

Prof. Gary Dymski, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds
Dr. Annina Kaltenbrunner, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds
Dr. Giovanni Cozzi, Foundation for Progressive European Studies, European Parliament

10:30-12:15: Session 1: Financial Inclusion and Productive Finance for SMEs

Dr. Shaun French, School of Geography, Nottingham University
Dr. Sarah Hall, School of Geography, Nottingham University
Professor Jane Pollard, Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies, Newcastle University

Dr. Romina Pržiklas, Department of Economics and Tourism, University of Juraj Dobrila Pula, Croatia
Dr. Charles Dannreuther, Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds

12:15-13:15: Lunch

13:15-14:30 Session 2: Learning from the Experience of Brazil’s Public Banks

Dr. Ana Rosa Ribeiro de Mendonça, Institute of Economics, State University of Sao Paulo at Campinas, Brazil
Dr. Simone Deos, Institute of Economics, State University of Sao Paulo at Campinas, Brazil

Professor Steve Toms, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds

14:30-14:45 Break

14:45-16:30 Session 3: Financial Architecture, Behavior, and Regulation: Macro and Global Dimensions  


Professor Ewald Engelen, Department of Geography, Planning and International Development, University of Amsterdam
Dr. Ismail Erturk, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester
Professor Andrew Leyshon, School of Geography, Nottingham University


Dr. Daniela Gabor, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England
Dr. Stuart Shields, Politics, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester

16:30-16:45  Break

16:45-18:00: Summary Session and Next Steps


Professor Gary Dymski, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds
Dr. Annina Kaltenbrunner, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds
Dr. Giovanni Cozzi, Foundation for Progressive European Studies, European Parliament

Online Forum on Panitch and Gindin’s Making of Global Capitalism

Online forum discussion on the on Leo Panitich and Sam Gindin’s The Making of Global Capitalism.

Today: Pantich and Gindin intro
Tuesday: Green
Wednesday: de Graaff & van Apeldoorn
Thursday: Therborn
Friday: Jessop
Saturday: Pantich and Gindin response

Manchester conference: The European Crisis, Alternative Reponses


A Jean Monnet international day conference
University of Manchester, Friday 28th June 2013, 9.45am – 4.45pm
Arthur Lewis Building, G.030/031

The financial crisis of European states and of the Eurozone has been met, on the national and transnational levels, with the demand for ‘austerity’, a political project which is partially shared across the political spectrum from centre-right to centre-left. This day conference will bring together scholars of European radical political parties and social movements which fall outside of this policy field. The socialist left, the populist right, environmentalists, Pirates and more will all come under discussion, and countries covered span from Britain and Sweden to Germany and Greece. The conference aims to answer the questions: What are the alternatives to austerity politics which are being elaborated in Europe right now? And are any of them likely to come to prominence as ‘Plan A’ becomes less…

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Next TPWG, Leeds Met, May 24th 2-4


Theodoros Papadopoulos (Bath University) and Antonios Roumpakis (York University).
The meta-regulation of European industrial relations: Power shifts, institutional dynamics and the emergence of regulatory competition among EU Member States

Leeds Metropolitan University
Rose Bowl 207, 24th May 14.00-16.00.