About the CSE Trans-Pennine Working Group

The Conference of Socialist Economists (CSE) Trans-Pennine Working Group was set up by Werner Bonefeld, Hugo Radice, Greig Charnock and Stuart Shields.  The group meets on a monthly basis at locations on the Trans-Pennine Express rail line.  Meetings are organised around discussion of a pre-circulated paper, and are open to all interested. As a working group of the CSE the Trans-Pennine Working Group is an international, democratic membership organisation committed to developing a materialist critique of capitalism, unconstrained by conventional academic divisions between subjects.


3 responses to “About the CSE Trans-Pennine Working Group

  1. I thought I read an online piece in which the Group set about refuting the conventional reasons that the Coalition gives for the need to make cuts. Please can you help me find the article agin. Thank you.

  2. transpennineworkinggroup

    Hi Sion, I think Hugo got back to you about this?

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