Spanish Miners’ Solidarity Committee

Dear all,

Unlimited thanks to Miquel in Spain for putting this together.
If you wish to send cheques in support of the Spanish miners and their families, please send them – made payable to the Spanish Miners’ Solidarity Committee – to:

John Cunningham,
136 Regent Court,
Bradfield Road,
Sheffield S6 2BW

This is the only fund officially recognised by the Spanish miners’ unions, the CCOO and UGT.

As an alternative to sending a cheque, you may wish to wait till we send you the account details and then send regular donations by Direct Debit or Standing Order. This would be easier for us administratively.

Either way we ask you to “Dig deep for the Spanish miners and their families”. From the beginning of July, they will be totally dependent on the solidarity of people like yourselves.

Please continue to address any future messages about donations/fund-raising to

Graeme Atkinson (for the Spanish Miners’ Support Committee)


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