Richard Gunn’s five lectures on Hegel meeting in York on 8/9 April

Details of the Richard Gunn event in April from John Holloway:
Richard Gunn’s five lectures on Hegel meeting in York on 8/9 April

This is just to confirm the meeting in April. The date: Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The place: University of York, England, Wenworth room W/30. The room takes 45(+) people, and is close to a cafeteria.

The idea is that Richard will circulate the text of his Five Lectures on Hegel about two weeks in advance. We shall have a morning and an afternoon session on each of the two days devoted to the discussion of the texts. The recommended (but not obligatory) reading for the meeting is Hegel’s Phenomenology.

We wish to keep the arrangements as informal as possible. The meeting is open to anyone interested, but we aim to ensure that there will be a core of people with an established interest in hearing and discussing Richard’s views on the topic.

We have done nothing to arrange accommodation, but perhaps those who intend to travel from outside York could contact those already in York (Werner and/ or Christos) for advice.  It would be helpful if people could now confirm whether they intend to be there.

Any one interested should email John Holloway <>


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