John Holloway Visiting Professor in Leeds-Geography

Professor John Holloway will be visiting the School of Geography University of Leeds for 6 months in 2011 (March-May and September-November) funded by a Leverhulme Trust grant.
John Holloway lives and works in Mexico as a Professor at the University of Puebla. He is an international renowned expert on autonomist Marxist theory and the author amongst others of: Zapatista! Rethinking Revolution in Mexico (1998), Open Marxism: Emancipating Marx (1995), and Change the world without taking power (2002), all of which have significantly influenced thinking around social movements particularly in Latin America.

During his visit to the UK he will disseminate his new book Crack Capitalism<> through public lectures, seminars and meetings. He will be involved in teaching the MA in Activism and Social Change<> at the School of Geography particularly in the “Spaces of Radical Thought” and “Empire and Resistance” modules and helping to supervise and tutor individual students. He will also be involved in research collaboration with the recently formed Cities and Social Justice Research Cluster<>, exchanging ideas on capitalism’s contemporary crisis and opportunities for urban and global social movements.

Detailed information about his public lectures will be published here<> but if you want to know more now contact Dr Sara Gonzalez<> (


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