May 16th 2008 (Beech Grove House, Leeds)

May 16th 2008 (Beech Grove House, Leeds)
Stuart Shields ‘From Shock Therapy to sovereignty paranoia: Neoliberalism and neopopulism in Poland’s post-communist transition‘ 2pm-4pm.


2 responses to “May 16th 2008 (Beech Grove House, Leeds)

  1. I enjoyed reading this paper. I wonder how similar this conflict in Poland between national and transnational social and economic forces is to conflicts ongoing in other countries? What problems come up when we view these scenarios purely from looking at a one state Weberian analysis?

  2. transpennineworkinggroup

    I’m not entirely sure I understand the question Jeb! That there is a problem with the methodological nationalism of a single country study I accept but I think I’m clear in the paper that there are limitations. I don’t quite see how/why this might be Weberian. What i think I try to achieve with the paper through the engagement with the two waves of transition idea, is to show that simple distinctions between national and global, internal and external, are unhelpful and impossible to sustain coherently. Rather, as I allude to on p. 3, there’s a more nuanced way of unpicking the (dialectical) relations. I aprticualrly like the way Jamie peck articualtes it – no transition to neoliberalism is ever entirely an inside job, nor externally imposed ….

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